Pamela Cory – A Las Vegas Novel of Innocence – @pamelacory

Pamela Cory – A Las Vegas Novel of Innocence – @pamelacory


Pamela Cory …
was born in Charlotte, NC, graduated college with a Bachelor of Music degree, and spent 15 years as a cabaret singer, model and voice coach in the Southeastern U.S. An interest in interior design led her to establish a business in London to source interior furnishings and artifacts around the world. Hassie is deeply rooted in the author’s own struggles and ultimately reflects her love of music and her strong ties to the entertainment industry. She is married to architect Steven Miller and divides her time between New York City and Dubai, UAE.

Hassie Calhoun:
A Las Vegas Novel of Innocence
A Sexy and Fiery Portrait of an Era and a Telling of Innocence Book One of a trilogy, Hassie Calhoun: A Las Vegas Novel of Innocence is a modern bildungsroman about a lovely and talented teenager from 1960s rural Texas, who flees a difficult family situation to seek success as an entertainer in Las Vegas. Her beauty opens doors immediately, but leads only to a sybaritic lifestyle controlled by her brooding and dangerous lover, Jake, and draws the attention of the powerful Frank Sinatra.

Torn between open doors and her own morals, Hassie finds herself drawn alternately to darkness and light, finding joy and pain down both paths. When the road to stardom requires making some unacceptable compromises, Hassie must make the toughest decision of her life. The novel follows a good-hearted woman through her naivité and mistake-ridden youth; a journey that paints the Rat Pack era in a new and surprising light, and gives the reader a new take on coming of age.

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