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Hey ladies! How are you today! Before we start with this article, I would like to ask you a simple question – would you like to know a little secret, which will help you burn that stubborn belly fat, especially around the belly area? Well, we really hope that your answer is yes, because in this article we are going to share this secret with you!

Now, let me ask you another question – does the name “Flat Belly Overnight” rings any bell? Flat Belly Overnight is the new (effective) weight loss plan, from the famous fitness trainer and fighter – Andrew Raposo. Andre says that this simple, but extremely effective weight loss plan can help you lose up to 2 lbs. of belly fat overnight. As we said, Andrew Raposo is a professional fighter and he used this trick in the last few years to help him stay in shape, but he never thought it could help anyone else, until it saved his sister’s life by shedding her weight overnight!

Flat Belly Overnight Review – Can This One Trick Really Help You Shed Belly Fat Overnight?

This is how the story goes – his sister Amy had some real problems losing the extra weight. The weight loss process is extremely hard and difficult process! And we all know why – because we all love food – especially sweet and sugary stuff, right? And no one like to run or exercise in the gym every day. You’ve probably tried many different exercises and diet plans, to help you lose the belly fat, but they’ve probably didn’t work for you.

Note: a healthy diet and a “bad” exercise program can have bad effects on our health. It can cause joint pain, hunger, decreased energy levels, insomnia, physical injuries and most importantly, it will cause inability to lose fat in certain areas of the body.

Amy was suffering from diabetes type 2, which is one of the biggest risks of increased belly fat. Other problems caused by it are heart diseases, increased risk of stroke, Alzheimer’s disease and cancer.

We all know that many experts around the world say that we can lose weight by following these simple rules:

  • Eating lots of fruit and veggies,
  • Regular exercise,
  • Interval training and
  • Reducing our calorie and carbs intake.

Yes, this is true, but sometimes, they can’t provide the desired results. But, this is now the case with this exercise program. Andrew will share some useful tips and tricks how to speed up the weight loss process and burn that stubborn belly fat. You will be amazed by the results.

You should also know that Andrew says that it’s really hard to get rid of belly fat over 40 due to the hormonal changes that occur with age. The shift in hormones can slowdown the metabolism and the stomach inflammation makes it nearly impossible to melt belly fat and very easy to gain weight. The Flat Belly Overnight program will speed up the weight loss process and it will help you lose weight much faster! It will also make you feel refreshed and full of energy! Yes, this amazing weight-loss program will improve your health in general!

As we said, you’ve probably tried many different exercises, diet plans, etc. These are the most common side effects, caused by them:

  • Can’t lose weight in specific body parts
  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Hunger
  • low energy levels and insomnia
  • Physical injuries, especially at the lower back are

Little Known Facts About Traditional Diet and Exercise Programs

The famous fitness trainer and fighter, Andrew Raposo, also said that his sister was still gaining weight, because she was following these advices – without knowing all the facts.

  1. Fruits are hurting your ability to lose weight

Yes, you got that right! Fruits will slow down the weight loss process! Here’s what you need to know – the bad thing is that fruits are often treated with toxic substances which can disable your ability to lose weight naturally. This means that if you eat more fruits and vegetables (which are treated with these chemicals), it can decrease the production of fat-burning hormones and increase the levels of the cortisone and leptin hormones, which will lower your chances of burning fat.

  1. Low carbohydrate foods are not good for your heart

Let me ask you a simple question – did you know that a low-carb diet can cause your heart to race, increasing the risk of heart diseases? Yes, and this means that shouldn’t practice low-carb diet. Note: carbs are good, but you should eat the good ones.

  1. Cutting calories impairs fat loss

Andrew also says that when you get older, cutting calories from your diet will slow down your metabolism and eliminates the energy sources that your body uses. What this means – well, if your body is on low-energy mode, it won’t be able to burn the stubborn belly fat.

  1. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) causes inflammation

Does the name HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training, rings any bell? The popular HIIT workout can cause joint damage and inflammation in the body which will increase the risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

Flat Belly Overnight – All Facts Considered!

Yes, the best thing about this weight-loss program is that the Flat Belly Overnight program takes these facts and the hormonal changes into account and integrates certain steps which can diminish their negative effects.

Flat Belly Overnight is really amazing and effective! As we said, his sister lost 52 pounds in less than 6 weeks! That’s really amazing, right? After a stroke and finding out she has type 2 diabetes, Amy looked for help by her brother’s side. He recommended the trick used by professional athletes and fighters to get into shape as fast as possible, but Amy made a few changes, because she’s not an athlete.

The Flat Belly Overnight program helped his sister lose 52 lbs. Even Andrew was shocked when he saw that Amy lost 8 pounds in only 24 hours! These small changes (tweaks) have exceeded all expectations! They included making small changes to some foods, a 3-minute exercise and using certain herbs and spices. Andrew added metabolism boosting foods to his sister’s diet which kept her metabolism running high, while the exercise sequence triggered her abs to burn calories rapidly. Andrew also added a couple of herbs and spices which eliminated toxins and free radicals within her body. She lost weight and this weight loss program helped her reverse the conditions she was suffering from. Her blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels were normalized. That’s really amazing, right?

Benefits of Andrew Raposo’s Flat Belly Overnight Program

As we said, the Flat Belly Overnight is simple, but extremely effective weight loss plan that can help you lose up to 2 lbs. of belly fat overnight. Andrew says that you can use the Flat Belly Overnight program all the time and you will be amazed by the results. According to the official Flat Belly Overnight website, in just 7 days you’ll notice some great results – the “love handles” will start to fade, you won’t feel any joint pain, you will feel full of energy and sex drive, etc.

Andrew says that his Flat Belly Overnight program can help you with:

  • Cleanse your body from all harmful toxins
  • Supercharge your metabolism
  • Boost and balance your hormones, which will help you lose weight much faster
  • Activate the processes in your body, which will provide more oxygen for your cells and eliminate the excess carbon dioxide
  • Reduce the stress levels to stop and slow down the production of the hormones, Cortisol and Leptin
  • Burn that stubborn belly fat
  • Reduce physical and joint

And the best thing about this weight loss program is that it’s simple, easy to follow and you don’t have to starve yourself! Yes, you will lose weight, without starving!

What’s Included with The Program

The Flat Belly Overnight program is a really simple (but effective) and straight forward program. It has three different parts:

  1. Flat Belly Overnight 3 Minute Belly Flattening Sequences

These 3 minute exercises promise to target your belly fat and firm your midsection. They also promise to be easy for anyone to perform – even the elderly or someone who has experienced an injury. The workouts are designed to be performed daily: so if you have 3 minutes of free time per day, you can tone your belly.

  1. Flat Belly Overnight Done for You Template

Contains the exact step by step guide you need to eat right and perform the correct exercises to lose weight. By following this template, the creator of the program claims anyone can solve their belly fat problem.

  1. Flat Belly Overnight Detox Formula

The Flat Belly Overnight Detox Formula describes how you can add certain herbs and spices to your diet to cleanse your body while erasing belly fat. Instead of eating foods that cause inflammation in your gut, the Detox Formula promises to help you fight back against this inflammation using herbs and spices you can buy at any grocery store.

Note: by following the Flat Belly Overnight formula, Andrew claims anyone can lose their stubborn belly fat without sacrificing the foods they love to eat. You also don’t have to exercise like a maniac: in fact – you can lose weight while you sleep.

Flat Belly Overnight Pros and Cons – My First Impressions?

Well, how should I start – in this section of my Flat Belly Overnight review I would like to share my personal opinion with you. And now you probably ask yourself – did I actually lose belly fat overnight with this system?

Well, to be honest with you, I must say that I had a little doubt the night before and was a little nervous, probably cause of the emotional story of Amy. That story inspired me and I really wanted it to work. So, what happened? Well, I weigh myself the day before, followed what Andrew say’s in Flat Belly Overnight and when I work up in the morning I actually lost weight. I lost 2.5 pounds which was great!

He (Andrew) says that you can lose from 1 to 2 pounds of belly fat overnight on the official website and I lose 2 pounds, but I can’t be sure that I’ve lost 2 pounds directly from my midsection or stomach.

Bust still, you should know that the Flat Belly Overnight program isn’t meant to be used for just one night. The goal is to keep using the trick every single night before bed to receive results. So I continued to do the trick before bed and every morning I woke up every morning – with less weight. Although the next few mornings I loss only 1 pound, then 1.2 pounds and then .5 pounds. Regardless, every morning I was noticing some good results!

What happened next – I followed the program for 5 days total and lost around 7 lbs., which is really amazing. Note: don’t get me wrong! These results are just mine and nobody knows how your body will react, because all bodies are different. Andrew has included a 60-day money back guarantee too. He wanted everyone to feel safe giving Flat Belly Overnight a go risk free.

This means that you should definitely try it – this simple, but effective trick is very easy and simple to use! You just have to make a few small changes. Well, you need to alter your grocery shopping routine to a small degree, as well as some of your meal preparation methods. One of the awesome things I noticed was that I was still able to eat the foods I loved. Many of these were foods I had given up during the “trial and error” period for other fat loss systems.

This amazing weight loss program will make you get your own arsenal of herbs and spices for your kitchen! And the most important thing – you won’t starve yourself! You need to add a cup of herbal tea to your pre-sleep routine. Well, unfortunately, this brings me to the end of my Flat Belly Overnight review. In the meantime, if you want to learn more I highly recommend you check out the official website to learn more about Andrew Raposo’s Flat Belly Overnight program. We really hope you enjoyed my review and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. Thank You.




Courtesy of WENN Newsdesk

Model Charlotte McKinney has reportedly split from actor Stephen Dorff and sparked rumors of a new romance with Scott Eastwood.

The blonde bombshell became linked to Dorff, who is 20 years her senior, in April and even attended David Arquette’s wedding as his date.

However, sources tell Us Magazine the couple broke up “a few weeks ago” and it appears Charlotte has already moved on.

On Tuesday, the 22 year old was photographed with Clint Eastwood’s son Scott on the beach in Malibu, California, where they spent the day paddle boarding.

“They were all over each other – holding hands and getting touchy-feely,” said an eyewitness. “They were really cute and would make a gorgeous couple.”

Insiders claim Charlotte and Scott, 29, are in the early stages of courtship and have just started hanging out.

Scott Eastwood gearing up for Fast 8

Courtesy of WENN Newsdesk

Clint Eastwood’s actor son Scott Eastwood has joined the new The Fast and the Furious film.

The star will play a trainee working under Kurt Russell’s character Mr. Nobody in the highly-anticipated Fast 8.

“Kurt Russell’s Mr. Nobody has a new protege,” a message on the film’s official Twitter page reads. “Welcome @ScottEastwood to the Fast family.”

The casting news comes a week after it was revealed Charlize Theron had signed on to play the villain in the eighth installment of the hugely successful action series.

The film, directed by F. Gary Gray, will welcome back franchise stars Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, and Ludacris. Production on Fast 8 is expected to begin in May, ahead of an April 2017 release.

The movie will be one of three final sequels for speed-loving fans of the franchise, as Diesel, who plays Dominic Toretto, previously confirmed the series will hand over the keys after a 10th and final film. He took to Instagram in February to reveal the ninth movie will hit theaters in April 2019, followed by the grand finale in April 2021.

The release dates were announced along with the words: “2 Decades. 10 films. 1 saga.”

The first film in the franchise was released back in 2001, and quickly became a hit thanks to its combination of a talented cast, extremely fast cars and scantily clad women.

Tragedy struck, however, when its star Paul Walker, who played Brian O’Conner in the movies, died in a car crash in November 2013. The seventh installment honored Walker and retired his character and proved to be a big hit with fans, grossing over $1.5 billion worldwide.



You give yourself to me
and then pull back –
because of the way she hurt you

close to me
and then off to some distant place
where you don’t want me even to touch you

I can see the pain in your face
I can see right into the core of you
see the gaping wound –
I press my hands hard against it
to try to stop the bleeding

but sometimes
the blood seeps right through your shirt
onto the bed
all over me
until I don’t know if you will ever heal

I’m certain that I love you
but I don’t know where I am
do you?

(c) JH

Source: Words – Jane’s Book and Poems


The Virgin Widow (‘Lords of the Matrix Club Series’ Book 3) is now on Amazon for pre-order now, just click here

I love my writer’s life, but SOMETIMES I wish I’d make it easier on myself. I write long books, finished length 100,000 words, so they take a while. And then a bit longer because I always over-write and then have to edit, which I consider a good thing as it tightens the writing.

This is the stage I’m at with Bk.3. in ‘Lords of the Matrix Club’ series. I wrote ‘The End’ for ‘The Virgin Widow’ at almost 118,000 words. Only 18,000 to trim!

This morning I’ve got it down to under 5000 and starting to really have to work at it, but still know I will do it.

Was thinking about it in the shower, getting a little bit excited for ‘The End’ is truly in sight, when a sneaky little voice in the back of my mind started questioning the motivation for a major plot point.

In zero seconds flat the whole scenario was crystal clear – and I have some re-writing to do…

Have you noticed what an inspirational place the shower is?

It is coming, peeps! I promise those of you hanging out for the Great Bax’s story, it is nearly there.

The lovely scoundrel discovers he’s lived his whole life a victim of secrets. Several!

Guess he just turned the tables on me. So glad this particular secret was revealed – to me – before I published it!

Here’s a sneak-peek at the cover.

Source: Jen YatesNZ – Random Thoughts: Secrets


Written from the heart, this is the unadulterated truth of live with multiple chronic illnesses and being housebound. My life open for you to follow. Please join me

Living in a limited world
(an introduction)

I started writing this blog in 2011 on another site that is now closing. So here I am complete with the past and heading into a future I am happy to share with you. I suspect like everyone else when they start to blog, they believe that it will just be a few lines every now and then, the truth for me, has turned out to be something else completely. I write daily, so this is a full and detailed account of living with chronic illness. The symptoms and what they do to me, not just physically, but emotionally. The impact on everyday life, not just for me but my husband, and of course, on our marriage. I am now in my 50’s, but I was just 21 when my story really began, although it took nearly another 20 years for the doctors to work it out.

When I was a child, I thought a good life meant that the sweetie jar was always full, and no one told you when to have a bath. It’s odd how life just takes hold, and nothing is ever what you first believe it to be. I chose the picture above, to sit here, as it is all about belief, it’s truer than most think it to be when they first look at it. Take a good look, then ask yourself honestly, which is your view of people with chronic illness? If it fits any but the last, well prepare yourself to see that side and more, as I hold no punches, and you may find out things, you don’t really want to know. But unless you read, you will never understand and understanding, is such a small thing to ask, and that is all I and others with a chronic illness really ever ask for, a little understanding. My blog is a picture of my life, there are happy, sad, funny, painful moments, lessons I learned and things I’ve discovered. If you leave here with nothing else, please leave with a touch more understanding at the least.

Relapsing Progressive Multiple Sclerosis took over my life and slowly, I found myself housebound, with a list an ever growing list of conditions. My collection is a list as long as my arm, the more they really looked, the more they really find. Being housebound isn’t an easy place to be at first, but with a little time and planning, it has become my sanctuary, where I live and live well. I am happy, I am more than happy, yes, you can enjoy life just as much as ever, and still discover new things about yourself, and others, without leaving your home. If you follow me on Twitter, you will know that my bio has one strong and true statement within it ““Being housebound is no worse than being earthbound”” It’s time for you to understand that statement, please enjoy reading my daily blog.

If you really want to start from the very beginning, well follow this link for some not so well-written entries, yes they do improve, I learned to write along the way: My first post from January 2012

Source: Two Rooms Plus Utilities


Doctor Stephen Forshaw belonged to one of London’s oldest and wealthiest families. When he simply vanished into thin air, only to be followed one year later by his sons, Robert, Angus and Toby, no motive or clue to their disappearances was ever discovered by the police and their bodies were never found. Despite this, the authorities secretly believed that all four were dead and were certain that it was only a matter of time before their bodies were discovered.

Almost ten years to the day Stephen went missing, a boy matching Toby’s description reappears at a disused farm in Hertfordshire. The boy has no memory of where he has been and doesn’t even know his name, let alone why he hasn’t aged one day in a decade. He is only aware that his life is in grave danger.


Source: The Shifting Trilogy – MACKENZIE BROWN


For Caleb and Liam, a pair of close-knit brothers who have trouble fitting in at school, the Southwest desert around their home offers a place where their imaginations can run wild.

But as their explorations take them farther from home, a sinister darkness begins to invade their happy adventures—a darkness that is far more real than what their imaginations can conjure up. And when they collect souvenirs from an abandoned house that turn out to be powerful talismans connected to a mysterious shadow land, strange events and people begin intruding into their lives. Along the way, the brothers acquire some new friends—including two ghosts and a reclusive neighbor—who give them valuable insights into the darkness they are fighting.

Will the evil from the shadow land gain control over Liam and Caleb so that the doorway to Earth remains open? Or will they learn to keep the secrets necessary to survive and become free from the evil that is attempting to absorb them into its dimension?

Now Available for Purchase at the Following Locations:
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Source: Desert Shadows – Joshua Dowidat


Three extraordinary individuals…..all pulled into the world of the supernatural, where they come face to face with mind and eye opening realizations.

Paul Schrader – When a random accident takes Paul Schrader from his life on earth to a strange world that seems like heaven at first, he discovers a more sinister side lurking behind the smile and eyes of the beings he encounters. And soon Paul will learn the horrifying secret of this “in-between” place he entered upon the day of his demise. For indeed, this no ordinary world….and he is no ordinary man. (It Happened One Morning)

Jim Wagner – Jim and a local youth team up together when they stumble across an age old German legend called the “Nachtzehrer”, or Night Waster. Can they bring this ghoul down before it takes its next victim? ( The Night Waster Was Real)

Jonathan Bellamy – In a world being torn apart by conflict, new beings arrive on earth with a sinister plan for the human race. Jonathan Bellamy and many others are banding together in an attempt to fight the “disease” they brought with them. The only way to tell who had been compromised was to look beyond the obvious, to stare into the eyes of the enemy. (You Need To Stare At The Enemy To See The Truth)

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Award-Winning Rising Tide:
Readers’ Favorite Gold Medal for Young Adult Mystery
Solo Medalist for the New Apple Summer eBook Awards
164 reviews on Amazon
4.6 Overall Star Rating
Click the links below to find your copy on the platform you prefer. Happy Reading & Thank You for Your Continued Support!
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Claudette Melanson is an Amazon Bestselling Author of Vampire Books, Including RONE Award Nominated, Rising Tide

Source: Dark Fantasy | Ontario | Claudette Melanson Author


That Unforgettable Kiss (Kissed By Fate Book 1) – Kindle edition by Tamara Ferguson


That Unforgettable Kiss

One fateful night, not so long ago . . .

The moon was bright and full on the night of Christina Montgomery’s celebration of life at the beach on Dragonfly Pointe. Nearly every resident from the town of Crystal Rock had arrived to visit with Christina before her sleepover under the stars.

Why, here?

There’d always been something rather otherworldly about this ground. And with her recent grim prognosis, Christina could identify, since she wasn’t fated to be of this world for too much longer. There was something magical—almost mystical—about Dragonfly Pointe. And ever since she’d been a child, Christina had been unusually drawn to this beach.

Here was where she meant to say her goodbyes to the friends she’d been the closest to.

Echoes of laughter could be heard in the distance where most of the other teenagers had gathered around the blazing bonfire erected alongside the beach. Sucking in an invigorating breath of the crisp night air, contentedly, Christina sighed, staring up to the sky. The dazzling night sky flashed stars so bright and clear, it almost appeared, that if she reached right up, she might be able to touch them.

Keeping an arm wrapped firmly over Christina’s shoulders, Kate Callahan cautiously guided her over the graveled pathway leading away from the beach. “Are we almost there?”

“Just a little further,” Christina answered, reassuring her friend.
Finally, they stopped only a few short steps from the edge of the beach.

“This is where you wanted to go?” The formation of rocks soaring up over the lake was a popular landmark for tourists. The view from atop Crystal Rock was spectacular. Kate hesitated, staring up to the widened ledge at the base of the cliffs. “But isn’t this where . . .?”
“Anna Ivers was discovered?” Twenty years before, a six-year old girl had been found brutally murdered here at Dragonfly Pointe. Doubting the wisdom of hosting a fundraiser for cancer research here at this beach, Christina’s mother had attempted to discourage her when they’d begun making their plans. Although countless rumors had circulated through the years about Dragonfly Pointe being haunted—especially since Anna’s murder, unfortunately, remained unsolved—Diane Montgomery just couldn’t say no to her daughter. With a wan smile, Christina nodded. “I’ve always felt her here, you know.”

Few people knew of Christina’s remarkable gift. Kate was only one of a handful of friends who didn’t roll her eyes when Christina claimed she could envision the past as well as foresee the future. But, undeniably, Christina’s prophecies had a strange predilection for coming true.

“Really? How, so?” Tugging the pillow from Christina’s arms, Kate tossed it up with her blanket to the ledge. Scrambling over the smooth slippery surface of the rocks, Kate spread the blanket over the dusty ground in the alcove above. Plumping up the pillow, she propped it against the far most wall. After that, she reached down from the ledge to close her hand over Christina’s, holding her steady while tugging her up into the shallow cave.

A few moments later, Christina was comfortably situated. And, wearily, she sighed as she reclined against her pillow. Carefully choosing her words, she finally answered Kate’s question. “Anna’s . . . unsettled. Her parents were divorced only a couple of years after she was murdered, you know.”

Kate nodded before reaching over and deftly readjusting the pretty pink stocking cap covering Christina’s head.

Distractedly, Christina frowned. She’d lost so much weight over the last few years. Her chemotherapy had been discontinued only a few months before after discovering it wasn’t halting the progression of her cancer. And she felt herself becoming weaker every day.

Settling back against the wall, Kate crossed one leg over the other. “Is there some particular reason you wanted to talk to me in here, Chris?”
“It was just too crowded down at the beach, Kate. And I really needed to speak with you alone.” It took a moment for Christina to concentrate—the pain medication was making her feel spacier than usual tonight. Resignedly, she realized her mom must have upped her dosage. It definitely explained why everything she saw through her eyes tonight had taken on a hazy, dreamlike quality. “This place has always been special to me.”

Soothed by the subtle vibrations of water lapping gently over the rocks below, closing her eyes, she began to doze off. The trek along the beach had been exhausting.

Kate remained quiet as Christina took some time to recharge.
And, then, with a start, Christina finally spoke. “The Indians claim this ground is sacred, you know.”

Kate grinned. “Yeah. I think you might’ve already mentioned that to me a couple of times—or two.”

Ruefully, Christina smiled. “I’ve had a lot of time on my hands since I had to quit going to school. Once my mom bought me my new computer . . . well . . . I’ve been doing a lot of research about this town and its history.”

Kate chuckled. “You can’t fool me—you used to spend a lot of time at the library even before you got sick.” But then she frowned.
“That’s okay, Kate,” Christina whispered. Reaching out, she covered Kate’s hand with hers. “Wanna know what else I learned?”

“Along with all the superstition, there’s some really interesting Indian folklore associated with Dragonfly Pointe.” She hesitated, before her eyes met Kate’s. “Supposedly—any death that occurs at Dragonfly Pointe actually provides strength to those left behind to mourn.” With a wry smile, she added, “Unfortunately, though, the progression of life and death is a given.”

When Kate reluctantly nodded her agreement, Christina sighed resignedly. There would be no miracle for her. Kate needed to realize that Christina had, long ago, accepted her fate. She’d always been much wiser than her fourteen years.

But she didn’t want to forget everything she needed to say to her very best friend. Her brain was becoming foggier and foggier, though.

Abruptly, she began, “It’ll happen with one single kiss.”

Kate blinked, clearly confused. “What?”

“That you’ll fall in love.”

Kate snorted.

But when Kate’s eyes met hers, Christina remained solemn. “You’ll fight it. And it’ll be several years before you’re willing to accept it. But you’re never gonna be able to forget that kiss.”

Uneasily, Kate giggled, clearing her throat. “It’s not that I don’t believe you, Chris. But why was it so important for you to tell me that?” Kate rolled her eyes. “We both know how annoying it is when our friends begin talking about their stupid boyfriend troubles.”

Christina hesitated, before her eyes suddenly filled with tears. “Did you know, Kate, that I’ve never even been kissed?” Hoarsely, she continued, “And, just like Anna, I’m never gonna have the chance to fall in love.”

Momentarily, Kate appeared stunned. Christina knew Kate was on a short string emotionally, attempting to remain strong for her. But, it was if a dam broke loose when, unexpectedly, Kate began to cry.

Pulling her into her arms, Christina whispered, “There’re gonna be some pretty devastating problems that your family will have to deal with in the future, Kate. And work’s gonna be all that’s important to you. But always remember that, one day, if you’re ever willing to accept it, you’ll have the chance to be incredibly happy. And I really need for you to be happy, Kate. Letting you know what to expect someday—so you don’t let happiness slip through your fingers—it’s the best final gift I could think of to give to you . . .”


Five years later . . .
Beams of misty light threaded through the denseness of fog as sunrise began to dimly light up the horizon. Along the shoreline where birdsong echoed, wildlife stirred, rustling awake with the first light of dawn.

As Crystal Rock Lake magically came to life, Kate Callahan sighed contentedly. She loved this time of the day. There was absolutely nothing more beautiful than the sunrise rising up over the lake. Inhaling an invigorating breath of the crisp morning air, she settled back in her seat and slid the key into the ignition. When the engine surged to life, she slipped the inboard into gear. Holding steady while slowly easing away from the pier, peering cautiously through the windshield, she sliced through the denseness of fog maneuvering her vessel through the murky shadows. As she steered further away from the shoreline, the fog began to mysteriously dissipate, drifting upward into swirling waves.

Finally, the fog abruptly disappeared. Blinded by the glare from the rising sun, Kate shoved on her sunglasses and lifted her face into its warmth. With the visibility clear, cranking the motor into high speed, she deftly spun the wheel steering on toward Dragonfly Pointe.

The Ivers’ home. Kate couldn’t remember the last time she’d been this excited. She still couldn’t believe Jeff Ivers had finally decided it was time to remodel his family’s long-abandoned summer home near Dragonfly Pointe.

And when her father had actually put her in charge of the restoration. Well . . . to say she was surprised would’ve been an understatement. At only age nineteen, Kate had been prepared to wait at least a few more years before heading up her own crew. With over one-hundred employees and as many as twenty combined crews operating throughout the year, Callahan Construction employed several more supervisors who were much more experienced than her.

Up high above the shore, the Ivers’ manor sprawled over about a half an acre of lakefront property. Slipping the gears of her speedboat into neutral, Kate studied the dilapidated exterior of the structure. Extensive water damage due to the failing roof would require a complete structural overhaul to the home before they could even attempt to restore the interior. Plus, on her earlier tour of the property, she’d discovered signs of termite damage.

Skillfully maneuvering her vessel into the crumbling dock of the landing, Kate was startled when a familiar figure suddenly appeared. “Dad. What are you doing here today?” Standing to reach over the windshield, she quickly unwound a rope from the bow. “I thought I had until Monday to come up with my figures.”

Mike Callahan grinned, reaching out and grabbing the rope from his daughter’s hand. Pulling gently, he guided the boat to a more stable section of the dilapidated dock. “I know that I gave you two more days, Kate. But since your mom and I are expecting company today, I thought I’d try to get ahead of everything. I figured you’ve probably been working up your projections every day and night, anyway.” After tying off the rope and securing the boat, reaching for Kate’s hand, he hoisted her up to the dock. “I really threw you for a loop when I named you crew boss.

Kate snorted. “No kidding. You know me way too well,” she admitted wryly. Bending down, she grabbed her clipboard and notebook from the passenger seat, handing them off to her father. She reached for the supersize thermos and coffee cups propped up near her cooler. “How about some coffee first? Then we can do a walk through.”

Nodding his agreement, Cal held onto the paperwork.

Leading the way, Kate stepped cautiously along the crumbling pathway that ran into a rustic flagstone patio, strewn with weeds. As they settled alongside of each other on the low ledge surrounding the patio, Kate untwisted the lid to the thermos pouring them each a cup of coffee.

While they sipped their coffee in companionable silence, Kate surreptitiously studied her father. At age forty-four, Mike Callahan was still a handsome man. Thick, ash-brown hair showed only a touch of gray at the temples. Enhancing rather than distracting from his looks, the broken nose suffered while playing high school football had left a small lump on the bridge of his nose. Laugh lines were deeply etched into the corners of his silvery-blue eyes.

“Okay,” she finally asked. “Were you ever planning on telling me why?”
With pretended innocence, he shrugged his shoulders. “Why, what?”
“Dad,” she reprimanded. “You know what I’m asking. I thought I wasn’t gonna get a chance to head up a crew for at least a few more years.”
Gruffly, he answered, “I never exactly said that, though. Did I?”
Kate was taken aback. “No. I guess not.”

“All I was waiting for was the right project. And this was it. This wasn’t just my decision, Kate. Gus Lemke and John Norris brought up your name before I even suggested it.”

After a moment of silent contemplation, she asked hesitantly, “What about Luke Arnett?”

“He’s pissed, Kate. For some reason he assumed he’d get this job. I’m not exactly sure why—since I’d never even mentioned anything about the Ivers’ place to him in the first place.”

Kate nodded, swallowing the last of her coffee.

“Let’s go through the house, now. I’ve got something important I need to talk to you about when we’re finished.”

Because of the extensive structural damage to the house, Kate began her observations in the attic. Not only would shingles and plywood need to be replaced, but the joists supporting the roof would require additional reinforcement.

“I think we should just open up the main floor and vault the ceiling over the kitchen along with the dining room and living room,” Kate observed, when they finally made their way downstairs. Although the house was spread out like a ranch, the sleeping quarters were connected by a short row of steps extending up from the enormous kitchen. Another short row of steps led down into an expansive family room and office space.

Cal lifted a brow. “Wouldn’t that eat up a lot of our budget?”
Kate snorted. “Not with all the structural damage. We have to replace all the ceilings anyway because of the water damage. Why not modernize? Plus we’ll have to rip up the walls to replace the wiring too. It’s all knob and tube.”

Cal nodded. “That attic space is wasted. There’d still be additional storage in the attic over the bedrooms. What have you got in mind for down here?” Peering over her shoulder, he listened as she presented her plans for an open concept.

An hour later, they’d finished their tour of the eight-thousand square foot property. “That’s a great idea, Kate,” Cal eventually observed, studying the appliances. “I can’t see the advantage of using these old relics, myself—even though they’re in great condition. But I know there’s a demand for vintage appliances. We can probably get a good price for them.” Her father jotted down some notes on the clipboard before turning back to her. “What’s your final number?”

Digging through her notes, she flipped a few pages before showing him a figure. “I know it’s high. But with five bathrooms.” She shrugged her shoulders. “Well . . . I could probably get away with using subway tiles and ceramics. But this kitchen’s gonna be costly.”

Instantly, her father approved her figure.

And she was startled.

Cal grinned. “I agree with everything you’ve proposed, Kate. There’s a ton of structural damage and we’ll need all new windows and doors, anyway. We’ll definitely need to rebuild all three fireplaces. Hold off on ordering materials for the bathrooms, though. I’d rather use higher-end materials. I’ll contact Jeff Ivers to see if he’ll increase his budget. You should have a higher contingency fund, too. You might discover mold when you begin pulling down the walls.”

“Don’t forget about asbestos, Dad. With the safety issues, I should probably get someone out here immediately after beginning the demolition.”

Absentmindedly, Cal nodded. “I think we should keep that distinctive knotty pine in the family room as well. I like your idea of a wall of sliding doors opening up to the lake. There’re several energy efficient options available now, too. That’ll bring in a lot more light and enhance the beauty of the paneling rather than making it appear as dark and dingy as it does right now.” After signing off on her clipboard, he handed it back over to Kate.

Kate’s voice was unsteady. “Thanks, Dad. I promise I’ll do a good job.
Easing an arm over her shoulders, he squeezed her gently. “Of that, I have no doubt.”

“Now, what else did you need to talk to me about?”

Cal hesitated. “Have you got any more of that coffee left?”

She smiled. “Sure. The air in here is a little musty—even with the windows open. Let’s go back outside.”

After settling back on the patio with his coffee, clearing his throat, Cal began, “Dan and I took stock of the warehouse, Kate. And it appears you two were right—the inventory doesn’t match up with the numbers.” Home from college for the summer, Kate’s older brother, Dan, worked in the warehouse distributing previously inventoried building materials.

Kate raised a brow. “And?”

“For the last three weeks, we’ve been tracking materials after they’ve left the warehouse. The numbers seem to match up with our jobs here in town. So we’ve been able to eliminate approximately two-thirds of our employees from suspicion.”

“I’d like to see that list of names.”

Cal nodded. “We haven’t been able to get a count on our materials going out of town, though. We’ve just been too busy. I’ve reassigned all the remaining employees who haven’t been crossed off the list. Over the summer, they’ll be split between our two largest jobs here in town. Hopefully, no one’s become suspicious. I’ll tag along and work with the crew at the new golf course.”

Kate nodded. “And the other?”

“Luke Arnett’s crew? I’ve assigned Luke to the campgrounds because the plans for each cabin are straightforward and easy to follow. And I’ve—conveniently—ordered the majority of his required building materials already. So it should be easier to track the materials—if they should, just so happen to, begin to disappear. I’d rather not have to look over Luke’s shoulder.”

“You’re suspicious of Luke Arnett? I can’t see him stealing from you, though, Dad—he’s been with you over fifteen years! But that’s why you made it so easy for me to move into the cabin for the summer, isn’t it?” Her eyes met his. “Since the campground’s right next door?”
Cal snorted. “Easy? With your mother?”

Kate chuckled. “I can only imagine. She’s been so overprotective. Thanks, Dad—I really appreciate it. It’s not that I mind living at home—our house is large enough. But I’ve really needed some breathing space.”

Cal sighed. “In some ways, Kate, out of all my kids, you’re the most like me. I know that you’ve needed a place to work where you can have some space and privacy. The twins are almost old enough, now, to take care of themselves when your mom’s at work. And since Dan’s at home for the summer . . .”

“I know. Even though it’s almost been four years, now, since Lucy was assaulted—mom’s just never been the same. I’m really glad that Lucy met Gabe. She’s seems so happy, now.”

“I couldn’t have asked for a better son-in-law. And I instantly gained an incredibly sweet granddaughter to boot,” he added, gruffly.
“Well, anyway, getting back to Luke Arnett.” Kate sighed resignedly. “You probably need me to keep track of the inventory at the campgrounds?”

“Exactly. And since our cabin is located on the edge of campgrounds, you’ll have a plausible excuse to check up on him—although it might be better if you waited until after hours or on the weekends. Are you sure you can handle Arnett?”

Kate snorted. “God’s gift to women? Of course.”

Cal chuckled. “Him, too, huh? I hadn’t realized. Have there been any of my unattached men that haven’t made a pass at you?”

“It’s the attached ones I get upset with,” she muttered.

Cal’s head jerked up from studying the clipboard. “Be sure to come to me with any real problems, Kate—especially since we have a lot more women working for us now.” Staring at Kate, he cleared his throat. “Did I hear it right? You broke up with Brian Lancaster?”

She nodded.

Cal sighed. “It’s hard to believe you’re only nineteen-years old. It seems to me you’ve broken an awful lot of hearts, Kate.”

Uncomfortably, Kate shrugged. “He was just getting too serious, too soon, Dad. I’m not really ready for that kind of a relationship, yet.”
“I understand. If you were, you’d know. I knew right away with your mom,” he added, gruffly. “But, seriously, Kate—just be careful around Arnett. Whether or not he’s stealing those materials, I’m coming to dislike his attitude more and more. We’ve had several complaints about the quality of his work, too. I’m not against firing him—even if he has nothing to do with our missing materials. But I’m hesitant since he’s supporting an ex-wife and daughter.”

“He does seem rather off lately. But I think he’s been distracted, Dad. It might just be because of his divorce.”

“Well. No matter what he thinks, there’s just no way I would’ve assigned this job to Arnett. You’ve had an interest in this place since you were a kid. And this job needed some imagination. I’m one-hundred percent certain you’re ready for the responsibility. I was a good friend of Jeff’s growing up, Kate. We lost touch after his daughter was killed at Dragonfly Pointe.” Distractedly, Cal stared out to the lake. “Even after almost twenty-five years, he’s still grieving. So let’s just say that I trust you with this job—more than I would anyone else.”

Thoughtfully, Kate nodded, as she sipped on her coffee while gazing out to the lake. With the water calm and clear under the bright blue sky, a couple of fishermen had anchored their boat nearby.

For a few more minutes, Kate and her father remained quiet observing the beauty of their surroundings. She had to admit that the lakefront property was in a prime location. The overgrown brush needed to be cleared, though, to open up the view.

When her father finally spoke, Kate realized that, as usual, his thoughts had been echoing hers. “Jeff wants me to recommend a landscaper too. I told him we should wait until after we make the structural changes.”

“Yeah. You never know what kind of problems we might dig up. Not to mention the mess we’ll make while we’re doing it. I forgot to ask. Who’s coming to visit?”

“Michael Murphy.”

Momentarily, she was puzzled. “Your district attorney friend from Chicago?”

“No. You’re close, though. That’s Sean Murphy. Mike’s his oldest son. Your mom and I are actually his godparents.”

“Really?” Turning to her father, she lifted a brow. “Have I ever met him?”

Pursing his lips, he considered her question. “I don’t think so. Maybe back when you two were kids? You haven’t tagged along with us on any our family outings to Chicago for a while, have you? ”

“The Murphys haven’t visited Crystal Rock?”

Cal hesitated. “Sean Murphy’s first wife was my cousin, Kate—so that’s how we got to be friends. He’s avoided bringing his family here because he spent a lot of time here with Anne.”

She nodded. Although Kate sensed there was more to the story, it was clear that her father didn’t want to get into it. “So—tell me more about Michael Murphy.”

“He’s been a pretty good friend of Dan’s, now, for the past five years. Even though Murphy plays football, he’s also studying engineering at Northwestern. He’s planning on going for his master’s in architecture at U of I in Chicago, so he needs to do an internship.”

“Architecture? That’s a first for us, too, isn’t it? Most of our interns come from Northwest Community College. Although, I guess we’ve had a few from Wisconsin.”

Cal nodded. “He’ll learn more about building materials by working with us. Murphy claims the actual quality positions available for interns in Chicago are limited. Supposedly, most of the companies still accepting interns are using them for their most labor intensive work—like hauling materials and shoveling concrete.” Cal hesitated before continuing, “But there’s a small problem.”

Kate was instantly leery.

“He has absolutely no construction experience.”

She snorted. “Uh, oh.”

“Exactly,” Cal responded, wryly. “I thought I’d start him off at the campgrounds doing drywall and flooring, and then move him over to your crew when you begin installing doors and windows, along with completing your interior finish work. I’d like for you and Dan to keep an eye on him, though. After all—he’s almost like a member of the family.”

Kate sighed, rolling her eyes. “Great.”

Cal chuckled. “Somehow, I knew that you’d think so,” he admitted, dryly.

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